JONAVI (pronounced "JOAN-uh-vee") combines the charm of R&B with the familiarity of pop to create honest, innovative music.  Her unique vocals welcome you into a relaxing, yet groovy musical stir everyone can relate to and enjoy.

In just a few short years, she's already racked up performance credits that include multiple performances for the Recording Academy, in addition to the annual "Fashion for a Passion," presented by Audi, among many others.

Her debut single "Not for Me" was released in November, 2015.  Despite a marketing budget of zilch, within the first month of its release, the song garnered spins in 23 markets in the United States. 

Manager Joey Pore sums it up well, saying, "Her warm and jovial spirit is infectious, and you can feel the authenticity in her lyrics. She's telling you a story that's new, but familiar, and every bit of it is real. She cares so deeply about every word that goes into every song, every chord, every sound--the essence of each song is truly her.  Whether she's hanging out with you one on one or hanging out with a huge crowd, she's the same creative, artistic, genuine individual, and that's what makes her truly unique."

("Perception" and "Not for Me" are available now, and JONAVI's debut album "If I Were" is available now for pre-order in the WTR Store.)